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Contribute towards Bharat's Economic Development

Becoming a job provider is vital as it not only supports individual growth but also contributes to nurturing entrepreneurship, driving innovation, fostering economic prosperity in Bharat, and creating a positive ripple effect that uplifts communities.

In the pursuit of holistic development, entrepreneurship emerges as a catalyst for Bharat’s progress. By fostering a culture of innovation and enterprise, we can unlock the potential of local communities and contribute to the nation’s economic and social upliftment.


Resources for entrepreneurship

Start-up India

Startup India, launched 2016, fuels Indian entrepreneurship. Tax perks, funding, innovation empower startups. Fast-tracked patents, global collab catalyze growth. Learn eligibility & benefits below.


Indian Inst. of Entrepreneurship (IIE): Autonomous under Ministry of Skill Dev. & Entrepreneurship. Aims: lead prof. dev., promote entrepreneurship via training, consultancy.


NIESBUD, Ministry of Skill Dev. & Entrepreneurship, boosts entrepreneurship via training, research, consultancy. Drives growth: processes, knowledge sharing, global collab.


NSIC, gov. enterprise under Ministry of MSMEs, aids micro/small/medium enterprises. Initiatives: consortia bids, registration, market intel, credit/tech support enhance competitiveness.


Indian entrepreneurship catalyst. Empowers creating, managing, growing small businesses. Streamlined services drive innovation, economic growth, nurture self-reliance.


The transforative 14-day Jagriti Yatra merges with G20 Startup20 for transformative experience. Navigate Tier 2/3 India, connect, unlock inclusive entrepreneurship’s power.


Advances rural dev through prof. management. Field-focused programs, knowledge, sustainability, policy influence. Mission: nurture leaders, empower communities, shape policies.


Est. 1960, ni-msme stalwart for Indian MSMEs. Training, research, consultancy spark innovation. 60 years’ global influence. Celebrates Diamond Jubilee, shapes business landscape.