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Agritech Startup , Salam Kisan

Salam Kisan, an imaginative agritech startup situated in Mumbai, reforming Indian horticulture through state of the art drone innovation and ground breaking administrations.

Laid out in 2022 by Dhanashri Mandhani, a visionary business graduate focused on engaging ranchers with current cultivating rehearses, Salam Kisan offers an all encompassing scope of arrangements. These incorporate robot based soil examination, produce obtainment, and an extensive commercial center.

Driven by a mission to inspire minimal ranchers and little landholders, Salam Kisan offers consistent help through its instinctive portable application. From surveying soil wellbeing to working with crop the executives and acquirement, the startup is reshaping agribusiness with each developed section of land.

With an amazing armada of 70-80 robots covering 22 areas in Maharashtra, Salam Kisan has affected north of 15,000 sections of land, helping 7,500 ranchers. The startup’s DGCA-guaranteed drone pilot preparing guarantees a talented labor force in this prospering area.

Past innovation, Salam Kisan focuses on financial strengthening for ranchers. Its commercial center empowers admittance to rural sources of info and smoothes out crop obtainment, with forthcoming monetary administrations improving on admittance to credits and endowments.

In spite of being bootstrapped, Salam Kisan has earned huge footing, serving a client base of 58,000 ranchers. Income streams fundamentally originate from soil testing and robot administrations, estimated reasonably between INR 250 to INR 600 for every section of land.

Situated as a central participant in India’s agritech scene, Salam Kisan is opening significant open doors, making ready for a maintainable future in horticulture.

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