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Mass Customization as a strategy for “Vocal for Local”

Customization is usually understood to be inclined towards the services sector, whether it be medical or hair-cutting service. Standardization is assumed to be the core of the manufacturing sector. The manufacturing and services sectors are overlapping and there are few examples to understand it or to confuse it, the interpretation might differ. The computer manufacturer Dell at first glance appears to be a manufacturing sector company but its behavior is like a services sector company. It takes order first and then manufacturers the product. Its business core is “Mass Customization” and “Quick Delivery”. But in the race to follow the principles of “economies of scale” philosophy it has diluted its concept of mass customization philosophy relative to its earlier age. The E-Commerce platforms appear to be services companies. Still, the moment they start manufacturing private label products or building inventory, their behaviour is more inclined towards the manufacturing sector. They work to clear inventory and push products before the trend fades. The co-existence of the concept of mass customization and economies of scale seems to be difficult and this difficulty is an opportunity for the local manufacturers and local service providers to position their products to rival the big foreign multinational companies. Many things are working on auto mode including the management philosophies to support the mission of “Vocal for Local”.

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