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Now Local GeM to Be Next Global Moment

The Government e-marketplace hit the benchmark of procuring products and services worth four lakh
crore rupees in the just concluded financial year. The marketplace is designed to procure local products
by the central and state governments, public sector units and public sector enterprises, and government
universities and government schools apart from other organizations that seek government involvement.
The surprised world examined the success of UPI firsthand, whenever their representatives including
the world’s richest and most powerful heads of state visited small tea shops of our motherland and
witnessed the convenience and pleasure on the faces of lesser educated and even uneducated sellers.
The world is tired of regulating e-commerce companies and GeM which is successfully designed and
executed by our policymakers has attracted a lot of interest from many African and Asian countries.
GeM is already in the process of opening the platform to the general public as ONDC is lagging in
acceptance. The ONDC and GeM together will be the next big gift to the world post-COVID-19 panic. We
have already gifted Yoga, UPI, and vaccines to humanity. The wealth in terms of GDP appears to be
dwarf when the world looks at us.

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