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Seminar on Bharat@2047: Inspiration for World Economies

The Swadeshi Shodh Sansthan (SSS) is an initiative of Swadeshi Jagran Manch (SJM). SSS and Bharti College of the University of Delhi organized a one-day seminar titled “Bharat@2047: Inspiration for World Economies” on the campus of Bharti College on 6 April 2024.

The inaugural session focused on entrepreneurship and was moderated by Prof. Pradeep Chouhan of Jawahar Lal Nehru University who is secretary of SSS. In this session, Sah-Sanghatak of SJM, Sri. Satish Kumar Ji educated students about the quality of life which is derived from the quality of income, and quality of income is best derived by entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship is a mindset that is not determined by education alone. The Vice Chancellor of Shri Vishwakarma Skill University, Prof. Raj Nehru asked the students to come out of the stereotype of the job hunt and take the lead to come up with a dedicated plan for the entrepreneurship journey. He engaged students in figuring out the constraints of this journey and convinced them about the ways to cope with the challenges in entrepreneurship. Prof. Saloni Gupta, Bharti College’s principal, urged the students to change their mindset first and the resources will follow them. Prof. Kavita Sharma who is the Chairperson of Bharti College said that she believes that there does not exist any correlation between entrepreneurship and age, education, or anything, and hence entrepreneurship opportunity exists all the time. She said that the day an individual gets the courage to step out on startups and entrepreneurship the path will be shaped to resolve the challenges.

The second session focused on “Rural Development Led Economy” and was moderated by Sri. Ravi Pokharna Ji of “Pehle India Foundation”. Sri. Kumar Shubham who is the director of “Sewa International” insisted that rural development is possible through the cooperation of rural people and rural people are very sensitive to their culture, lifestyle, and other norms. He further said that even in urban areas including slums, the sensitivity of the local folks needs to be prioritized for their participation and the project planning should incorporate it in the initial phases. Shri Anil Sharma Ji who is a chartered accountant and office bearer of SJM shared the success story of “Zoho Corporation” and its strong linkage with the rural ecosystem. This information delighted the audience and he further talked about consumerization, urbanization, digitization, renewable energy, and the opportunities that exist in the rural ecosystem. He advocated for investments instead of subsidies for the revival of the share of the rural economy in the national economy. Prof. Raj Kumar Mittal, former Vice Chancellor of Chaudhary Bansi Lal University expressed his view that environment-concerned rural agriculture practice is the way forward as the older growth model of migration from agriculture to manufacturing and later to services has failed.

The valedictory session was moderated by Sri. Gagan Kumar Ji of “Krishnomics Legal”. It was focused on “Swadeshi, Self-Reliance, and Globalization”. Sri. Alok Tripathi Ji who is the director (Scheme & Skilling) MEIT of the government of India, discussed in detail how blockchain technology is going to democratize society, whether it be in terms of data privacy or it is in terms of raising funds for business, He said that there are ways to regulate the Blockchain application in various domains of its uses. Prof. Ashwani Mahajan Ji reminded the audience about the share of our economy in the world economy till the eighteenth century, the reasons for our downfall, and the opportunity knocking at our doors for regaining the lost rank in the world economy in this fourth industrial revolution which falls in our transition phase of “Amrit Kaal”. Sri. Sanjay Sharma Ji who is a member of the legislative assembly of Uttar Pradesh shared the work and seriousness of the government in implementing the mission of “Vocal for Local” and the work in progress to improve the quality of the indigenous workforce. Dr. Chavi Asrani of O P Jindal University talked about the role of trade agreements in the Swadeshi movement and the opportunities and challenges of export and import-led growth in the current scenario.

The Vote of thanks was presented by Dr. Sarabjit Kaur who is joint secretary of SSS. She thanked the authorities, faculties, staff, resource persons, and students of Bharti College along with the participants from SSS and SJM.

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